DIY- Driving street for your Kids

Few days ago we bought some electronic item at Home. All these electronic items comes with corrugated cardboard packing. In this packing I found one plain cardboard sheet. I thought to make some creative work for my Kid. Somehow I feel succeeded in what I wanted to do after seeing happiness on son's face. Sharing this idea for making your kids happy too.

What you need is

  1. Waste cardboard sheet
  2. Pencil
  3. Black and white poster color and Brush
  4. Black Marker for making outline
  5. thats all

  • draw outline of road on cardboard sheet by pencil (of course you need not to be perfect) 

  • fill black poster color inside the outline drawn to draw effect like Roads

  • draw outline with the help of black marker to cover up your mistakes in filling color.

  • draw divider line on center of the road with white poster color

  • and its done

Hope you liked it...Do not forget to mention in comments ;-)



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