Today...... I am alive to write a blog

On January 3, 2009 I was driving a bike from Kurla to Thana via eastern express highway in Mumbai City at around 7.30 pm. While crossing through Vikroli flyover at around speed of 40+ i found that some oil is spilled out on 2nd track of highway. Untill I noticed i was already on oil belt i tried to minimise my speed but i started lossing balance. Vehicles following me noticed something uneven with me and slowed down their vehicle. I tried to get out from oil belt by slowing down my bike but i couldn't control the movement and finally i fall on right side.

I tried to hold myself and my bike but when i saw oil belt is more and speed of my bike is higher..... i left my bike. Bike travelled for some more distance and stopped. I felt on my arms, injured my elbow and totally laid down on road. While falling i was thinking not for my bike nor enjury going to be happened but place where it is happening. It was second track of one of the fasted/speediest highway of Mumbai city.

All type of vehicles likes Cars, Jeeps, buses, Trucks, Tankers, heavy Containers travels on this road. I tried to look back but the speed/force doesn't allowed me. I laid down fully on Road with upside down. I rotate myself to see vehicles on my back. I could see only headlights of coming vehicles, bursting of horns and voice of by engines. I closed my eyes for a moment. I realised that i am on middle of the highway, vehicles are running at speed of 50 km/hr and if anyone couldn't control their vehicle then i am gone. It will directly hit my head.

I tried to open my eyes and what i saw is one car was very closed to me..might be Martui Swift. Driver was controlling car but the speed and slope of flyover doesn't allow him to stop vehicle fully. More than half of front tier of Car rode on my right knee. I shouted and with all my power i tried to push the tier with my hands and removed my knee from tier's way. Oh god... i saved my knee. If that tier rode on my knee, my knee must have crushed and i would have faced serious injury. But million thanks to the god he saved me.

Another car driver from my back stopped his car just short of few inches from my head. All other bikers, car owners got out of their cars. The one whose car was going of my knee came near to me and gave me hand. When i get up i realised the injury on my elbow and somewhere on thies. One person collected my Bike and parked it on left side of road. I sat down on big rock lying on divider for a while. All came closer to me and sympathised me...seen my injuries and thanked to god for controlling their vehicles well in time.

I got my wrist watch which had fallen on road. Thanks to helmet which saved me from any injury on my head. I checked my mobile pouch, it was damaged as while falling all pressure was on that pouch only. I took out my mobile it was switched off. I restarted was working.

I sat down their for a while, other public and vehicles passed out. Because of me Traffic was jammed in not more than 5 minutes. All traffic started moviing slowly. Once the traffic is over i crossed the road and went towards my bike. Some small scraches were occured on guard. Bike was in normal condition. I started bike and ran on some sand which was fallen on road side to remove oil which was sticked on bike's tyre. After ensuring bike is in normal condition now i started for home just like nothing was happened.

Injury on right elbow was reminding me of an might be reminding me for some more time in future also.
I thanked god for saving me....



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