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Received this Message on WhatsApp today...dont know who is Sunil Yadav....whether he exists or it is just post by Anti Hindu
My replies are given in green

Dr Sunil Yadav's questions which will make everyone speechless!
These questions are worth a deep ponder:

1.      Why are all the Hindu gods and goddesses born only in India? And why the people outside India don't know any of them?

Ans: Question itself indicates the lack of knowledge. First understand what is  India. India geography is spread over Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Kachha to Arunachal Pradesh. India name is given by British people. Previously it was called as Hindusthan/ Bharatvarsh/ Hindukush whose boundary was widely stretched over from Iran/Iraq, Afaganistan, Pakistan Kazakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Shrilanka…. Basically south Asia. Hindu was not a religion at that time it was basically culture or you may say Way of leaving in other way ‘Sanskriti .

As per historical evidence Hindu Sanskriti was born and developed mostly in South Asia. Hence God describes in Hindu will find you in Hindustan only and not in Africa & Australia or America.

2.      Why do all the Hindu gods and goddesses ride carriers which are Indian animals? Why not some animals found only in a few countries such as Kangaroos, Giraffe and so on?

Ans: As specified above, Hindu Sanskriti was basically developed in South Asia region, Animals were mostly used which were found in South Asia viz Peacock, Elephant, Bull etc. Kangaroos are basically from Australia & Giraffee from South Africa so there are less chances of using them further both these animals are difficult to ride or carry.

3.      Why did all the gods and goddesses born only in royal families? Why none of them was born in poor families or in lower castes?

Ans: which god you are specifying about? As per Hindu mythology there are basically three Gods only Brahma Vishnu Mahesh (Shiv). All other were treated as Super Human or God based on their work..deed (Karma) for community and nature. You may consider GOD as Respectable Personality in that particular era….you will get 90% of answers on their actions. For your info, Krishna was born in jail, Shiva has no empire…..

4. The mythological stories mention details of daily activity of the gods and goddesses as to when did Parvati bathe with sandal dust? when did she make LADDUs for Ganesha, how did Ganesha relish the LADDUs and so on. But as soon as the SCRIPT of the scriptures ends, so do the narratives of the activities of the gods and goddesses. Did all the gods die after that? Where are they now and what are they doing?

Ans: Scripts or Purans  are basically stories of Gods/Humans on how they behaved in certain situations, their struggles of life and their deed which makes them GOD(respectable personality).  These are not daily dairies to mentioned each and every thing done by them. Hence there are chances that only few activities done by them are found in Purans/Scripts. They might be incomplete because…In ancient times there were very less options available for noting down events. Mostly Sadhus/ Brahmins used to write Granths for whatever deeds done by these Gods.  Basic idea was to understand and to know the remarkable work done by these humans for next generations. Most of the personalities might be alive while writing these scripts hence it doesn’t mentioned about their deaths. It is advisable to take inspirations from their deeds rather finding out their death.

5. The scriptures tell us stories of gods and goddesses frequently visiting the earth. They would sometimes give boons to somebody and sometimes kill a sinner. But what has gone wrong now, that they no longer visit the earth?

Ans: God and Goddess were part of the earth only. As per Bhagvad Gita,  "Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha, Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya Tadatmanam Srijami Aham'."Whenever there is decay of righteousness  or increase in sin…. rise of unrighteousness then I manifest Myself!"… This sutra is observed in almost all religion in slightly different manner. Peoples with extra additional powers/mindset is always born on earth on regular interval. Its upto you to recognize them.

6. In the mythology, whenever a evil spreads all around, god would take birth in a king's family and grow there for about 30-35 years and then kill the evildoer. When god himself has to kill the evil, why does he wait for 30-35 years? Why doesn't he rather instantly kill them like he killed his own devotees in Uttar Khand?

Ans: I feel pity on you when you ask such question? Shri Krishna was born in jail. He was teenager when killed Kansa. Karthikeya killed Tarkasur in very young age only. Whether you want that God or child should have been born  with swords in his hand?? They become god only after their extra ordinary deed.

7. If Hindu religion is such an ancient one, why isn't there much propaganda for it all over the world? Why the other religions like Islam and Christianity have so much acceptability? How could they win more followers than Hindu religion, if it's ancient? Why were the Hindu gods and goddesses unable to stop them?

Ans: Hinduism is a way of leaving more than religion. It started become religion after arise of Islam and Christianity. Secondly Hindu or Hinduism never forced any set of people for conversion or adoption in Hinduism. Islam born somewhere in 6th century and started spreading over next few centuries. Hindustan was attacked by Muslim emperors since 9th Century and 90% of India was under rules of Mughals till 17th century, They have demolish many temples, idols, destroyed many old historical documents. Forcefully converted many Hindus in Islams. After industrialization, European countries ruled 80% of world and converted many peoples in Christianity. Same is still happening in India in many states…recent example is of Kerala, Kashmir etc.

On the other hand Hindusthan never rules any country in last available 5000 year records. Hindu never forcefully converted any persons from another religion. You should be proud of being Hindu for that……So there are chances of disbeliefs that Hindu religion is demolishing and another religion is growing..

Why were the Hindu gods and goddesses unable to stop them? Is the most funniest question. God never forces anyone for conversion if they forces means they are not God.

8. If polygamy is inappropriate as per Hinduism, then why did Dasharath, the father of Rama, marry three women?

Ans: I always wonder why peoples show three marriages of Dasharath and blindly ignore single marriage of Shri Rama? As per ancient Hindu laws, Hindu observers single wife system with some exceptions. These exceptions were given to Kings and also to some common peoples. Second marriage was allowed for childless common peoples. In case of Kings, polygamy was allowed to strengthen the relations between neighboring kingdoms. Raja Dashrath was married with Kaushalya (Kingdom of Magadha). Sumitra (Kashi) and Kaikeyi (Kekeya Kingdom). He had won all three regions in war. Mostly loosing kingdom were marrying their princess with a purpose that being in relation… winning King would not be attacking again.

There were one more practice being followed, whenever any King wins over another kingdom by killing their King , he supposed to be take care of their wives and kingdom. In such scenario many of our Kings were having more than 100 wives.

9. If Shiva was able to chop off his son Ganesha's head, what sort of a god does it make him, that he was unable to patch the same head back in place? Why should an innocent elephant be killed and it's head be placed on Ganesha's body? How did an elephant's head fit on a human body?

Ans: I will not be able to fully justify this questions, but thinking at human levels it is not possible. More possible reason for elephant head can be taken from Amish Kumar’s Shiva Trilogy books. Even though it is fiction it seems to be more adequate.

10. If non veg food is prohibited by Hinduism, why did Rama go out to hunt the golden deer? Isn't it wrong to kill a deer?

Ans: Who told Rama was gone to hunt golden deer for food purpose? It is understood that Sita likes the golden skin of deer and she wanted him in her possession as it was unique deer and she requested Rama to bring deer for her. Whether she told in Ramayan that I want to eat meat of deer?

Secondly Rama was Kshatriya and Kashatriya were supposed to fight for their kingdoms for that purpose they were assumed to be travelled for wars and other things through out their lifes….. And they were allowed to eat veg/non veg whatever available. Only Brahmins were not eating the Non veg food.

11. If Rama is god, how come he didn't know that the nectar pot is hidden in Ravana's tummy? If Ravana's insider didn't divulge the secret to Rama, he would have never won the war against Ravana! Is this how you expect god to be?

Ans:First of all let me clarify that Rama and Krishna were normal human beings, the way they ruled their life and done extra ordinary things.. they were treated like GOD by the peoples in that era…Likewise we treat Sachin Tendulkar as God of Cricket in our era. They were renamed as Shri Rama and Shri Krishna after their astonishing deed. “Shri” were added as a honor.  In next generations, Sadhus/ Saints started guiding normal peoples to walk on the path of Rama and Krishna. Likewise we tell our kids to play like Sachin tendulkar.

Coming back to your question, Ravana was also greatest King of his era.  He was very difficult to defeat. As a common war practice Rama must have found out secret of  killing Ravana from Ravana’s insider.

If anyone steals your wife…would you just talk with him or fight with him? (Where in fight is illegal as per current law)

12. You believe Krishna is god too. But how does it befit god to peep at bathing Gopikas? If a common man does such things in this era, don't we call him a loose charactered man? How can you call Krishna a god?

Ans:As clarified above Krishna was super humanbeing who treated as GOD afterwards. Whether kids doesn’t play with mothers or elder women in a house? Whether mothers doesn’t change their cloths infront of their kids? Krishna was beloved kid of all Gopikas. If it was wrong practice in that era he must have been punished by his seniors. It must have been ignored by looking at his age? And for that purpose you cannot call him loose charactered man

13. Why are the perpetrators of rape so high among Hindus?

Ans:You mean to say there are no rapes in Muslim and Christian or any other religion ruled country ? what a rubbish question? Rapes are not related to any religion. It is sickness of mindset of peoples.

14. Why do Hindus worship Shiva's penis? Why other parts are not worth worshipping?

Ans:I don’t think you are capable of understanding answer of this question. Since ancient India, Penis (linga) and Vagina (Yoni) is assumed to be source of life…source of energy. Combination/merger of Ling and yoni is responsible for new birth in every living species. Shivling is consists of oval/egg shaped ling “ 0 ” situated on round shape yoni. Refer Shivling and surround shape of it. Oval shaped linga is deemed to be source of life which neither has beginning nor end….. indefinite.

We should appreciate our ancestors for their knowledge and study who had discovered that Earth is in Oval shape without any telescopes. Even our galaxy is in Oval Shape….indefinite…which has no end.

15. Hindu temples of Khujaraho's walls are adorned with erotic sculptures. Why is such place called a holy temple? Is sex considered as a holy activity worth worshipping?

Ans:Why Sex is treated as bad activity? whether any God had said not to do sex??? It is strongly required for life and rebirth. In respect of ‘Khajurao’ many discoveries and assumption are still going on…and scientist, intellectuals, Historians  are searching for most possible reason for such erotic sculptures on temples.

Whatever I understand and as per my belief and study, erotic sculptures must have been  carved to understand the Importance of sex and various sex positions in our regular life. Unlike today’s scenario, there were no internet or yellow books available to understand teenagers “what is sex”. Some scripts and granthas like “Kamasutra” were available to upper class of society who were able to read/write. There must have been difficulties faced by parents to teach about sex to their teenage children’s . Some suggestions must have been kept in front of Kings to make some durable sculptures to understand various aspects of Sex to all class of peoples.  Such place should not have been treated as bad or ugly place hence they might have decided to carved on temple.

As per Osho, they were carved for reaching super consciousness through Sex….Once you had a sex..your mind gets empty and you can do better mediations.  (From his book….Sex to super consciousness)

I have a lot more questions to ask but let me first get answers to these!

Ans: Let it come…I will answer….

Views expressed in this blog are mine and may be different from factual. I doesnt mean to hurt anyones emotion or belief in religion

Ashish Sawant



  1. Ans 2) riding animal was symbolic. To create awareness and give message that if we can bond with this animals so we can bond with anyone.

    In chnkya niti what message has given "you can convince anyone with your behavior & love".

  2. Thast a great justification Bhagirath THummar

  3. Thanks a ton man. I really appreciate it



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